Disambiguation re: Other Mark Pinder Photographer trading on Tyneside

I shouldn't need to have this this page, but under the circumstances, feel it is necessary in order to help protect my brand and business..

Rather strangely, there is a second Mark Pinder trading as a photographer on Tyneside. Despite being asked several times to provide clear disambiguations on his marketing material to differentiate us, he has pointedly refused. He has also been caught attempting to take advantage of the potential confusion in our shared  name by offering to accept work not meant for him from a client who had contacted him in error through one of his websites, even though it was blatantly obvious by the wording of the approach that a mistake had been made. When challenged, rather than expressing contrition or embarrassment, his response was to still offer his services on the basis that he was supposedly cheaper without actually knowing what I charge. He also stated that there is a third Mark Pinder photographer trading on Tyneside without offering any evidence.

The Only conclusion I have been able to draw from his behaviour and refusal to clearly draw distinctions separating our respective businesses, is that he is seeking to benefit from the potential for confusion over a not particularly common shared name and the not inconsiderable industry profile I have built up in nearly 30 years of trading as a photographer.

I believe that he has every right to trade in an open market, but not by seeking to gain advantage by allowing tacit, (or possibly even overt), misrepresentation and unethical behaviour to go unchallenged by attempting to trade off the back of the professional reputation it has taken me 30 years to build.

If you are looking for the other Mark Pinder, he can be found at his slightly NSFW glamour site, www.markp.com or his commercial site at www.markpinder.co.uk I have not hot-linked these URL's for obvious reasons.